EarthDawn - The Age of Legends

Escaping the Empire

Captured by the Therans

On arriving in Kratas, Obrulon, Gram, and Jacob set out looking for their old ally Captain K’tanga. Nazeer, Buulgath and Phylinius were given instructions on where to meet, and advised to watch their backs in the city. They did have an altercation in a back alley with a group of determined thieves, but came out with their lives and their purses intact.

Later that evening, they met thier mentors and Captain K’tanga in a tavern in the city center. K’tanga was initially not very happy to see her former comrades, and refused to give them any aid. Suddenly, Theran agent burst in the front door, having tracked the group to Kratas. As the group fought their way out and into the streets, K’tanga changed her mind and agreed to help them after all, if only to thwart the Therans. They made their way quickly to the airship docks, and departed on her vessel.

K’tanga said she knew someone in Urupa who could translate the captured scroll, and and turned her ship towards the port city. While traveling to the city, however, they were overtaken by a squadron of kilas that seemed to appear from nowhere. Rather than allow the youngsters to be captured, Captain K’tanga and their mentors hid them in cargo boxes and allowed themselves to be captured instead. The boxes were taken aboard the kilas, and then transferred to another vessel nearby, while their mentors were led off in chains. .

After being sure they were secured in a cargo hold, the three removed themselves from the boxes and began exploring. As they snuck around the vessel, it became increasingly clear they were not on a kila anymore. Looking out a window, they could see what appeared to be the side of a mountain, and the Barsaivian countryside passing by below. They finally found they were within just one structure on top of a mountain-sized airship, larger than any behemoth yet seen. Further exploration revealed that they were aboard Sky Mountain, a super-behemoth commanded by a Lord Abbadon.

Nazeer & Buulgath secured Theran uniforms for themselves, and Phylinius used his disguise self talent to allow them to walk unnoticed around the ship. At one point, they encountered Lord Abbadon himself, who failed to immediately see through their disguises. Eventually, their disguises failed and they were forced to flee, escaping down what they thought was a garbage chute. Upon reaching the bottom, they found the pit they had landed in was filled with corpses, and some horrible magic was corrupting them, animating some as cadaver men. Pushing their way out of the pit, they found themselves face-to-face with an even greater terror: a gigantic Horror, chained to the core of the mountain, it’s eyes burning with power. Fortunately, it seemed preoccupied with consuming the corpses fed into it’s pit, and they were able to escape.

Sufficiently motivated now, they sought out the holding cells where their mentors and K’tanga’s crew were being held. They found K’tanga, tortured and battered but still alive, who told them that Jacob and Gram had been killed when they refused to reveal what had become of the scroll Abbadon wanted so badly. The trio freed her and as many other captives as possible, starting an uprising that quickly spread into a running battle across the buildings of Sky Mountain. K’tanga led them towards the airship docks as the fighting continued, and the captives freed slaves and incited them to rebel against their masters. Finally, they reached the docks and found a Theran airship ready to leave. As they were battling to take control of the ship, Lord Abbadon himself appeared on the dock on the opposite side, and for a moment all seemed lost. However, Obrulon strode in from the other end of the dock, and engaged Abbadon in combat long enough to allow the trio and Captain K’tanga to escape, stealing the airship and it’s cargo and flying to Throal at all speed.



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