EarthDawn - The Age of Legends

Leaving Home

The adventure begins...

Nazeer Narinian, Phylinius Goldstar, and Buulgath Ghosttouched watch from the safety of their homes as an airship crashes a short way outside their hometown of Samsara. Investigating the wreckage, they find one survivor, dressed strangely and clutching a scroll. As he lies dying, the survivor implores them to not let the Empire get their hands on the scroll, and then passes away. Quickly fleeing the scene and heading back to Samsara, they watch in horror as a trio of Theran kilas bombard the town, completely destroying everything and everyone they’ve ever known. Terrified, they head to the only safe place they can think of: the hut of a lone adept outside town, an Obsidiman Nethermancer Named Obrulon. There, they find that Obrulon is hosting a pair of old friends from his adventuring days: Gram Sawtooth and Jacob Stonebender.

Telling the adepts what they and and showing them the scroll, the trio determine that they need to get this information to Throal. Lacking any magical transportation and needing to keep things as quiet as possible, they decide to trek overland to Kratas, where they can meet an old friend with an airship that can get them the rest of the way to the Dwarf kingdom. The three adepts also see the potential of the boys, and offer to teach them their respective disciplines while they travel. The group leaves to make their way to Kratas, pausing only to allow Obrulon to destroy his hut in an attempt to throw off any pursuing Therans.

During their travels, the three boys pick up their new disciplines quickly, and their teacher decide to test them a bit one night. Obrulon attracts some cadaver men into the middle of the camp, and the teachers hide to see how well their students deal with the threat. Buulgath has a hard time weaving threads, and Phylinius and Nazeer are not enough of a combat threat to pose much danger. However, Nazeer does manage to score a solid hit on one, causing it to go berserk with the pain and terrifying the inexperienced Nazeer. Eventually, the trio defeat the cadaver men, and are told by their teachers that they are now ready to adventure with them, having achieved the first circle of their disciplines.

GM Commentary:

My first ED adventure was not intended to be a huge long campaign, it was just going to be a few short sessions parodying Star Wars: A New Hope, which I had always thought would be simple enough to do in a fantasy setting. So the guys started out with their families getting killed by “the Empire”, and them meeting the hermit on the edge of town to learn the ways of magic and become an adept. They would then journey to Kratas, “a wretched hive of scum and villany”, etc, etc. I veered from the story a bit as it went on, but it was fun to do.

The cadaver man thing really did happen, Alex still talks about it to this day. I was also learning the ropes as a GM, and I was as surprised as they were how bad the cadaver man’s berserk ability got to be.


Man I totally remember the cadaver man thing too. All the way up until I quit playing, if we couldn’t kill a cadaver man in one hit we didn’t attack it.

Leaving Home

Freakin’ Cadavermen!

Leaving Home

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