Queen of the Blood Wood


Queen Alachia ruled the Blood Wood for centuries through her mastery of politics and her force of personality. A cunning ruler, she was adept at playing the various Houses and court factions against each other, keeping them too busy plotting against each other to think of plotting against her. As a 1st generation Great Elf, she also used her powerful magical abilities to cement her position. Her pride, however, was ultimately her downfall.

When the Passion’s Champions visited The Blood Wood to ask Alachia’s aid in the Iopan War, she refused them, citing her desire to remain neutral in this “outside conflict”. However, she recognized Nazeer for what he was, and granted him a private audience in her garden where she gave him the final two key knowledges needed for The Sword of Vargas. Her reasons for doing this were vague, but it was suspected by the Passion’s Champions that she knew Denairastas was the power behind the Iopan Throne, and that Nazeer personally had the power to end the war. Thus, she did take a side in the conflict, but entirely behind the scenes.

When the Passion’s Champions returned to Blood Wood to destroy it, she again granted them an audience where they presented her with an enchanted painting designed to spark regret in her about the fate of Wyrm Wood. The painting was effective, but ultimately sparked her anger when the PCs informed her of the full meaning of their visit. She banished them from the Wood, although they managed to escape and make their way to the Blasted Heart with the aid of the Escalanas clan. When they reached Oakheart, the PCs battled her and Alamaise, ultimately destroying Oakheart and most the Blood Elves with it. Alachia survived the cataclysm by virtue of her regenerative powers, and fled the scene of the battle shortly thereafter. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Alachia is portrayed by Miranda Richardson.

Alachia is from the EarthDawn 1st Edition main book by FASA Games.

GM Commentary:

Alachia is one of the few character mentioned in the core books as being a Great Elf. The description of her in The Blood Wood sourcebook talks about it, and about her using magic as the Dragons do, and the permanent magical effects that she has going. This is all that is really mentioned of the Great Elves in the main books, a lot of it I created myself, although a great deal is inferred in other books including the Thera sourcebook and the Vivane Province box set.

Alachia stayed in the background for a long time, partly because I wanted the Blood Wood to be someplace extremely dangerous, and partly because I didn’t have any real part in the story for her initially. Finally, when I figured out what I wanted to have her do and what part she would play, I started fleshing out the concept of her. I made her one of Alamaise’s original children, and thus a very very powerful individual on her own, as well as by virtue of the position she occupied. Doing this also gave some background justification to her actions throughout the years, including taking up the Rose Throne and her decision to defy the Empire during the Scourge.

Ultimately she is an excellent example, alongside Abbadon, of how absolute power corrupts. In her case, her power has made her toweringly arrogant, completely sure that she knows best what her people need, no matter the cost to them or to her. Kind of appropriate, considering that she was born to lead her people in the Dragon’s stead. Her arrogance also marks her as Alamaise’s child, having inherited that lovely trait from her sire. Like all very old Great Elves, her sanity has eroded over the millennia, which also goes a ways towards explaining some of her actions.

In the end, I wanted her to be an almost tragic figure. The PCs stripped away her power at the core, although it had been falling apart since the Scourge anyway. Their actions and her ultimate inability to stop them forced her to take a hard look at the things she had done, ostensibly in the name of her people, and examine the mistakes she had made. This hurt far worse than any wound she had been dealt, and forced her to confront a great deal she had been avoiding in her own mind. In the end, like us all, she had to do battle with her own demons, and do it alone.


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