Alaina Darkstrider

Human Horror Stalker of the Scythian Crusade


Alainda Darkstrider was a Human Horror Stalker in the Scythian Crusade. She was found at a young age by Grathus the Unyielding and trained in her Discipline, although she never was as devoted to the cause of killing Horrors as her master which was ultimately her downfall. Like Grathus, she was also a Lightbearer, although she kept her membership in the order secret.

When she betrayed Grathus and fled the camp in shame, Nazeer and Phylinius pursued her out of the mountains, eventually cornering her in an abandoned kaer. Right as the two convinced her to give up the chase and return with them to the Crusade, a Wormskull attacked the trio, crippling Nazeer and Phylinius. Alaina used her Lightbearer powers battling the Wormskull, although she died in the process. In so doing, she passed on some small fraction of her power to Nazeer and Phylinius, along with some of her memories which would occasionally surface as dreams for one or both of them.

Alaina is portrayed by Teri Hatcher.

Alaina is from the Barsaive in Chaos book put out for EarthDawn 2nd Edition by Living Room Games, although I modified her for my purposes.

GM Commentary:

Having Alaina be a Lightbearer was a surprise I threw in at the last second. Originally, Nazeer’s destiny was to be a Lightbearer/Horror Stalker as well, although that destiny eventually passed to Brimmel instead when Jeff joined the game. However, this adventure was early enough that I was working to sow those seeds and justify Nazeer’s future path. Ultimately, when Jeff joined the group I had a better way to initiate him into the Lightbearer/Horror Stalker path, and ran with that. Alaina’s death has always seemed to weigh heavily on Nazeer/Alex’s mind, although at this point he’s seen so many friends and allies die, he’s kind of just added her to the list.

Alaina Darkstrider

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