Great Dragon of Barsaive and Father of the Great Elves


Alamaise is one of the oldest Great Dragons of Barsaive, and was the “father” to the entire race of Great Elves. He was also responsible for the creation of the Wyrm Wood, ostensibly named for him, which he presented to his children as a gift from which to rule the lesser races. When the Great Elves rose against their sire, he took it quite personally. To this day, he is one of the few Great Dragons who has not given up his animosity towards his wayward children, and still intends to wipe them all out someday.

He was directly responsible for the death of Queen Dalia before the Scourge. He accosted the Queen on the road north of Wyrm Wood, and demanded that she bow to him and accept his regency over all Elves. Faila refused, calling for her personal guard to defend her. Alamaise was far too powerful for them however, and the Great Dragon easily cut them down. Unexpectedly, the Passions Astendar and Jaspree then manifested and fought the dragon back from the edge of the wood, wounding him grievously and driving him back to his lair to heal the terrible wound they dealt him.

Alamaise was not seen again in Barsaive until The Passion’s Champions journeyed to destroy Blood Wood. Alamaise accosted them in the Wood and demanded that they use a special poison to destroy Oakheart, instead of Serpentsbane. Ultimately, the PCs chose not to use Alamaise’s poison, prompting the Great Dragon to join the fray around the tree. After the battle, Alamaise chose to leave rather than exact any immediate revenge against Nazeer or the Passion’s Champions. He has not been seen since.

Alamaise is from the Earthdawn 1st Edition main book by FASA Games.

GM Commentary:

Alamaise is the classic D&D-style red dragon – covetous, mean, tyrannical and bitter. He firmly believes that the other races owe their very existence to the Dragons, a point not easily refuted. However, he has been thwarted again and again while attempting to assert his dominance over the rest of the world, and this frustrates him to no end.


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