Alen Mahavira

Great Elf of Shosara


Alen Mahavira is one of the eldest living Great Elves, a fact which weighs heavily on him. In his life, Alen has followed or even created many of the Disciplines that Name-givers now follow, and his breadth of knowledge on a huge variety of subjects is extraordinary. The way he in which he lived his life for millennia, following different Disciplines and mindsets was the origin of the Elven Paths followed by Elves around the world to this very day.

Alen has witnessed and performed both great works and horrible deeds in his time, and it has left him with a strong desire to keep himself as quietly in the background as possible. He believes strongly that Great Elves should avoid taking action in the world, as their simplest actions tend to have tremendous effects. He has repeatedly advised Nazeer to avoid paths of power, in an effort to keep Nazeer from repeating the mistakes that Great Elves have made in the past.

Alen feels that all Great Elves are his family, and gladly extends his hospitality to them all. He is also generous with both his knowledge and influence among other Name-giver races, and is well known as a philanthropist and adviser in Shosara. He eschews titles or recognition, preferring to simply give quietly what he has for the betterment of all races. He keeps the most powerful and dangerous knowledge to himself, of course, although the Passion’s Champions have convinced him to share some deeper secrets with them.

Alen is portrayed by Marton Csokas.

GM Commentary:

Alen was put in to give Nazeer/Alex some way to learn about his kin and his powers, and as a counterpoint to Abbadon. While Abbadon uses his power freely for his own benefit whenever it suits him, Alen practices constant restraint to the point of being slightly obsessive about it. He has some roots in Qui-Gon Jinn, although he’s much more passive than the Jedi master was, and would probably simply allow himself to be killed rather than fight, although he has enough gifts that he’s more likely to simply not be wherever his death might come.

Alen is also present to illustrate the power that the Great Elves wielded in the war and the effect it has had. Rather than find a ruined citadel or shattered keep, the PCs found a shattered man, who was forced to continue living despite the atrocities he witnessed. Alen has come to terms with what he’s seen and done, but it still influences him to this day.

Alen Mahavira

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