Arissi Medari

Theran Noble and Questor of Dis


Arissi is Valaria’s youngest sister. When Valaria returned to Thera for the first time after many long years, she encountered Arissi in the gardens. Valaria encouraged her to “not wait for life to happen to her, but to act”, and so Arissi did – she killed their father and lay claim to his title as head of the house. In the year or so after their meeting and before Valaria returned to Thera to free the slaves, Arissi adopted the worship of Dis and became a Questor of her chosen Passion. Valaria eventually confronted and outsmarted her sister, having her arrested for the murder of her father and the “theft” of the house’s fortunes. Arissi used her Questor powers to escape from imprisonment, but after the destruction of Thera, she is missing and presumed dead.

Arissi is portrayed by Paris Hilton.

GM Commentary:

Arissi is one of those characters that you throw in to let a PC have an interesting encounter, and then she takes off on her own. The decision to have her kill their father and become a Questor was totally off the top of my head, and done simply to create drama. However, it’s very true to her character and allowed Angela to have a counterpoint to remind Valaria why she had left the Great Isle in the first place. Arissi is something Valaria could have become, if her life had gone differently. In the end, I was rather impressed at the solution Angela came up with to deal with Arissi, and while I had her escape I never had really come up with something more for her to do before the Isle went down, so she kind of fell into the background and was lost.

Arissi Medari

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