Ayden Mormont

Human Archer, Warrior and Scout & Valaria’s mentor


As far as Valaria remembers, Ayden Mormont was the Master of Arms for House Florrent and secretly a Praetor in the service of the Overgoverner, rooting out corruption and graft in the slave trade. When Valaria was discovered as an Adept, she was apprenticed to Ayden and the two of them were assigned to guard and protect shipments of slaves from around the Empire. When they journeyed to Barsaive, to the southern kingdom of Landis, Ayden was assassinated by mysterious agents, who were later revealed to be servants of the Great Dragon Denairastas. Ayden died in her arms, and the next day she met the Passion’s Champions.

Reality is often a matter of perception. When visiting Thera, Valaria met and spoke with a member of the Praetor’s office and mentioned that she had journeyed with Ayden. The senior administrator said he had no knowledge of anyone named Ayden, and said he remembered her father sending her out alone to guard the shipments herself. Valaria was mystified by this answer, but had no time to talk further with the administrator, as he was busy arresting her sister Arissi at the time. With the destruction of Thera, the answer may never be known.

Ayden is portrayed by Antonio Banderas.

GM Commentary:

Ayden was in fact an Avatar of Lochost, sent to set Valaria on her path. As an Avatar of a Passion, he can manipulate memory and reality practically at will, and thus had no problem inserting himself in the perfect position to show his chosen Champion the folly of slavery and the evils of the Theran Empire. He died when he did because she was finally where she needed to be, having finished a “tour” of the Empire and seen all that she needed to see to walk her own path. Denairastas’ agents arrived at the perfect time to remove him from the scene.

Ayden Mormont

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