Jinari Spirit of Marac


Azazel is an ancient and powerful Jinari, one of the spirits who protect and advise the Sufik tribes of Marac. While the Sufik tribes hold them to be sacred, the Heavenherds of Thera routinely capture and enslave them to perform magics that are beyond Name-giver means. Azazel was captured by the Heavenherds and forced to power Sky Mountain, the engine of destruction that Lord Abbadon attempted to re-conquer Barsaive with, as well as restrain the Horror that was the primary weapon of Sky Mountain. When the combined efforts of Buulgath, Nazeer and Phylinius routed the Theran army and freed the Horror from Azazel’s control, the Horror immediately turned and destroyed Sky Mountain, thus freeing Azazel.

Azazel returned to Marac and redoubled his efforts to drive the Theran interlopers out of his land. Many years later, Nazeer and Phylinius journeyed to Marac and encountered Azazel, who remembered them though they had never seen him. He welcomed the two and their new companions as brothers, and made them honorary members of his tribe, the Azazelim.

The Passion’s Champions fought alongside the Azazelim against the Therans, and helped defend the tribe against an attack by Titans that would have devastated them. After the battle, Brimmel decided to make his own way in the world after a terse encounter with Flametongue, so Azazel gave him a gift to use against Horrors: once every year and a day, Brimmel can use Azazel’s karma step instead of his own when taking action against a Horror.

During the Battle of Throal, Azazel and his people arrived to reinforce the Throalic troops against the impending attack by the Theran remnants and Navarim’s Legacy. They also brought word that the airship fleets of the Sultans of Marac had engaged ships coming from Creana to support the Therans, thus thinning the number of ships that could reinforce them. After the battle, Azazel and his people returned to the deserts of Marac.

Azazel is portrayed by Arnold Vosloo.

GM Commentary:

Azazel’s appearance was based on Imhotep from The Mummy, but the similarity ends there. He is a staunch opponent of the Theran Empire, and a powerful ally to have in any situation.

The name Azazel is from the Bible, the name of a fallen angel who taught men how to work metal to make weapons and armor. For sharing this secret, God cast him out of heaven, reducing him to a spirit that wanders the land invisibly. I figured that description fit pretty well, and I had Azazel teaching his people to use the Theran’s weapons and tactics against them.


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