Bilkin Barboast

Windling Elementalist of the Week of Heroes


Bilkin is a resident of the Windling village of Kalacum, in the forests of Landis. He is a theoretical magician, developing new spells and uses for Elementalist magic. During the Week of Heros, Bilkin demonstrated several new high-Circle Elementalist spells, some of which were eventually learned by Trostlos.

Bilkin is portrayed by Ian Holm.

GM Commentary:

Bilkin was one of several characters I made up for the Week of Heroes, kind of a fun exercise for me in making new character concepts up. The name Bilkin Barboast was found when I was browsing the web looking at ED websites. I stole it for a background NPC because I thought it was a great name, and it made me think of Bilbo. If the original Bilkin is your character, I apologize for stealing him.

Bilkin Barboast

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