Dragon of Vasgothia


Burr-hide is a Dragon that lairs in the Deep Woods of Vasgothia. Like most dragons, he considers Name-givers to be either his servants or his snacks, depending on their level of usefulness. Burr-hide is somewhat unique in that he has also made servants of the “tamed” Horrors of the Deep Woods.

The Passion’s Champions first encoutnered Burr-hide when venturing into the Deep Woods, and encountering one of his “tamed” Horrors. The Horror did not attack the group, but Brimmel, being a devout Horror Slayer, charged it and slew it. Burr-hide then found the group and demanded repayment for his lost servant. The group was sent into the deeper parts of the Wood, to slay a Horror that had been causing Burr-hide trouble. He did not expect them to return, but they did, with the Horror’s hide as proof of their victory. Later, the PCs asked Burr-hide to aid the Banner of the Crow against the Theran Empire. He agreed, but tasked them with hunting down a former Name-giver servant of his who had stolen a bag of enchanted gold from his horde, leading the group out of Vasgothia and towards Causoban.

Burr-hide is from the Theran Empire book put out for EarthDawn 1st Edition by FASA Games.


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