Caelestis Valerius Sempronus

Elven Adventurer


Caelistus Valerius Sempronus is an Elven adventurer in the Theran Province of Vivane. She is unique among adventurers in that she is not actually an Adept, but has learned a wide variety of skills that allow her to keep up with most adepts, although it has taken her much of her long Elven lifespan to learn them. She is a consummate explorer and scout, and is one of the few people to venture into the Seraph Jungle and return alive.

When Lord Abbadon wanted to venture into the Seraph in search of an ancient artifact, he attempted to simply arrest Caelistus and force her to lead his forces through the jungle. She escaped with the help of the Passion’s Champions, and agreed to lead them into the jungle to lay claim to what she had found. When Abbadon’s forces caught up to them, Caelistus managed to escape into the jungle with much of the PCs gear, and was able to return it to them when they escaped their imprisonment about The Executor.

Years later, the PCs encountered Caelestis at Stormhead Mountain, where they shared information about the now-shattered Theran empire and the plans by the remnant forces to invade Barsaive. Caelestis took word of Barsaive’s need and traveled across Vivane Province and as far as Vasgothia, where she encountered The Banner of the Crow. When they left Vasgothia to aid the Passion’s Champions in ridding the world of the empire, she joined them on their captured kilas. After the battle, Caelestis returned to wandering the land, seeking adventure.

Caelistus is portrayed by Angelina Jolie.

GM Commentary:

Caelistus is, naturally, Lara Croft. I knew I wanted to have someone lead the group into the jungle, and I could think of no better personage. I also liked the idea that Caelistus was not an Adept, which surprised the PCs when they realized she was mostly keeping up with them anyway. Looking over the rules, she would have to have been adventuring for nearly 150 years to have the skill ranks to keep up with 6-8th Circle Adepts, so I knew she needed to be an elf. And besides, Angelina Jolie would make a great elf.

Caelestis Valerius Sempronus

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