Captain Aziz bin-Alai

Ork Warrior & Guard Captain of Ikum


Captain Aziz bin-Alai is the guard captain for the city of Ikum in Marac. He has been tasked by Sultan Irk-al-Irk to keep order in the city, and to help the Sultan maintain the relationship he has with the Theran Empire. Like most city dwellers, Captain Aziz is an Al-hir, although he tries to maintain a balanced perspective when performing his job duties. He is a soft-spoken man, but can move quickly to action when needed. He is also very loyal to the Sultan, who funded the reconstruction of his body after a Sufik terrorist attack nearly killed him.

Captain Aziz’s left arm and both legs have been replaced by magical clockwork limbs, allowing him to return to full mobility and function after the attack. He also has a clockwork device managing his heart and lungs, keeping them functioning normally. The clockwork is made mostly of orichalcum, which keeps the artificial limbs working because they are magically fused to his pattern as well as his body. The upshot of this is that Captain Aziz can often perform great feats of strength and endurance, as his clockwork body parts do not grow weary like regular meat parts. He normally keeps his limbs covered when moving around the city, in part to avoid attracting attention, but also because the value of the orichalcum in his limbs makes him a very tempting target to those who might wish to kill him and steal the prosthetics.

When the Passion’s Champions arrived in Ikum by way of Creana, Captain Aziz took a personal interest in them, especially Valaria who was still a wanted personage in other parts of the Empire. In time, Aziz decided to employ them to track down a group of Sufik terrorists who were being funded and supported by a mysterious outside force. Eventually, the PCs and Captain Aziz managed to track the terrorists and their leader, Hassan Ibn-Sabbah, to a mansion on the edge of town, where they found that Hassan and his fanatics were being funded by none other than Maxwell Silverhammer.

Before the PCs headed into the desert to track down Silverhammer, Captain Aziz managed to arrange for them to have an audience with the Sultan, who gave them several gifts for their service to the city.

Captain Aziz is portrayed by Oded Fehr.

GM Commentary:

Captain Aziz was originally inspired by Oded Fehr’s character from The Mummy, as can be seen in the picture. He also has a little bit of the 6 Million Dollar Man going on, as the value of his orichalcum limbs demonstrates. I wanted to introduce the idea of magical clockwork in the universe, although I eventually made it into something only Great Elves knew how to use and the art has been lost. Clockwork creatures have been seen by the PCs in ancient Great Elf settlements since I ran this game, and I’ve never really explained how Aziz or the Sultan came to have access to the technology, or why. Perhaps there’s a Great Elf secretly running Ikum or another city in Marac, and an arrangement was made. I haven’t decided, and the PCs will never return to Marac, so the point is moot. Besides, sometimes it’s good to keep things a mystery.

Captain Aziz bin-Alai

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