Captain Churgarlg Loudbellow

Ork Cavalryman & Air Sailor, Captain of the Buunda


Captain Churgarlg Loudbellow was a Cavalryman in the fledgling nation of Cara Fahd. After the second battle of Sky Point, Krathis Gron found herself with a captured Theran kila. After retrofitting it to not run on slaves, she commissioned Loudbellow the captain of the vessel, the first ship in the Cara Fahd navy. Loudbellow was not an Air Sailor, but he learned the Discipline quickly, and after a year took the helm as captain. He named the vessel The Buunda, after the infamous Ork gesture, saying the vessel would “be his buunda to all Therans.”

Still being a Cavalryman at heart, Loudbellow has refitted the ship to transport thundra beasts, removing much of the cargo space the vessel once had. This has given Cara Fahd unmatched ability to transport cavalry and heavy cavalry, and Captain Loudbellow and the Cara Fahd Elite Cavalry turned the tide at the Battle of Bartertown thanks to this strong advantage.

Captain Loudbellow is portrayed by Cheech Marin.

Captain Loudbellow is from the Barsaive in Chaos sourcebook for Earthdawn 2nd Edition by Living Room Games.

GM Commentary:

Captain Loudbellow was one of the NPCs from the Barsaive in Chaos that I decided to keep around. He was mostly in the background after the adventure he was involved in, although he showed up again at the head of the Elite Cavalry that broke the Iopan seige of Bartertown. I don’t know if the designers at LRG understood how powerful an advantage the Buunda represents, but I held it in check until it could make a dramatic appearance during the battle.

Captain Churgarlg Loudbellow

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