Captain Hanso K’tanga

T'skrang Air Sailor and Captain of the Heart of Gold


Captain Hanso K’tanga is an airship captain and explorer based in Barsaive. She was once a member of the Crimson Sash, but had a mysterious falling out with them causing the group to split up. She is an extremely experienced and competent Air Sailor and a natural leader. Her airship, The Heart of Gold, was commissioned after the Battle of Sky Mountain as the Therans had captured and impounded her last vessel.

Captain K’tanga has explored the northern reaches of Barsaive and the mostly unoccupied spaces south of the nation of Shosara. She shares her findings with the Library of Throal on a regular basis, although she insists that she is an independent operator with no allegiance to any nation. However, she has regularly sided with Throal in various conflicts, usually when it gives her a chance to oppose the Theran Empire. She has also developed several unorthodox airship fighting techniques, some of them modeled after t’skrang riverboat tactics. These tactics have given her a reputation with the Crystal Raiders, who see her as a worthy opponent, sometimes too worthy.

K’tanga puts forward the impression of a harsh taskmaster, but she is very devoted to her crew, friends, and allies. She has a soft spot for the Passion’s Champions, seeing herself as the sole remaining connection to their lost mentors, who were her former companions in the Crimson Sash.

Captain K’tanga is portrayed by Janeane Garofalo

GM Commentary:

Captain K’tanga is, of course, Han Solo. She was inserted into the first ED adventure to fill this role, and her last name is stolen from Raiders of the Lost Ark, another George Lucas film. I kept her around because I liked the character, and she has made several appearances as the game has gone on. She’s one of the more popular NPCs I’ve created, and the guys are always happy to see The Heart of Gold moored wherever they travel.

Captain Hanso K’tanga

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