Theran Great Elf Prophet and Scholar


Cassandra is a member of the Trismagestus, the Council of Great Elves that secretly rules Thera. She is known as the Keeper of Memory, and her duty is to record and protect the history of the Great Elves.

The Passion’s Champions met Cassandra when Valaria returned to the Great Isle. She hosted them for a time, and introduced Nazeer to the other Council members and the Great Elf community at large. With the destruction of the Great Isle, she is missing although her command of powerful magics means she may have survived.

Cassandra is portrayed by Cate Blanchett.

GM Commentary:

Cassandra was their immediate contact point with the Council, and she’s a little unhinged. Great Elves, with their long lives, are prone to sanity loss due to the stress of simply having lived so long, and Cassandra is a poster child for this. On the surface, she is knowledgeable, wise and strong, but beneath the surface she has long since lost touch with reality around her. Alex/Nazeer had some roleplaying time with her, where I had a chance to demonstrate that she and the other Great Elves were disconnected from reality, and thus added more fuel to the tragic fire that was the destruction of Thera. She probably did survive the cataclysm, but I’m not looking at bringing her back into the game.

Like the other Great Elves of the Council, her name is taken from myths and legends of the Eurasian cultures, specifically the Greek prophet Cassandra.


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