Anthropomorphic Personification


Death is the anthropomorphic personification of the universal concept of death. Despite suspicions to the contrary he is not a Passion, but he is both more and less than a Passion. He appeared only once, to escort a young woman who had been made into a Harbinger of Raggok to her final rest. During this appearance, he shared with Trostlos that he was not a Passion, neither sought nor needed worshipers, and he was not the horrible being imprisoned beneath Death’s Sea, because no physical or magical prison could restrain death. Despite repeated pleas for good causes, Death has never reappeared in this form again, although one could argue that death has followed the Passion’s Champions their entire career.

Death is portrayed by John Dye.

GM Commentary:

This Death is similar in personality to Death of the Endless by Neil Gaiman, but I really didn’t want to overuse him. Troy continually calls on Death even to this day, but his part in the story is over. The character’s appearance is based on the Angel of Death from the TV show Touched By An Angel.


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