Dio Brokenkeys

Human Troubadour & Former Iopan Agent


Dio Brokenkeys was a Human agent of the Denairastas, sent to Indrisia to gather information for Iopos. The longer he spent away from Iopos, however, the less loyalty he felt for his home city. In time, he gradually severed his connections to Iopos and faked his death, becoming a free agent working in the city of Calcutana.

When the Passion’s Champions arrived in Calcutana, Dio gave them a vial of Nothing, knowing they were planning to infiltrate the Heavenherds hidden netherrealm. He guided them to the rift he had found to their plane as well, allowing them to infiltrate. He has continued to support Phylinius and Illusandra in their rebellion in Indrisia.

Dio is portrayed by Gary Busey.

Dio Brokenkeys is from the Theran Empire sourcebook for Earthdawn 1st Edition by FASA Games.

Dio Brokenkeys

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