Great Dragon of Cathay


The Great Dragon Dvilgaynon journeyed from Cathay with Krathis Gron to help her re-establish the Nation of Cara Fahd. She served as an adviser to Krathis for several years, always remaining in her Name-giver form to maintain discretion.

The Passion’s Champions first met Dvilgaynon when they journeyed to Kaer Fenaria to rescue the trapped fire miners. In gratitude for their actions, Dvilgaynon gave them minor magical items as gifts. Later, she entrusted the PCs with finding the Parabola of Arithonicus, which had been lost in the ruins of the city of Vivane, now overrun with Twiceborn’s undead. When they returned with Twiceborn’s promise to relinquish the artifact, Dvilgaynon revealed her true nature to the group and flew them back to the city directly, receiving the Parabola directly from the Queen of the Dead herself.

During the Iopan War, Dvilgaynon disappeared and has not been heard from since. Rumor has it that she was killed somehow, although those who have seen her magical power in action find that hard to believe. It is suspected that she has returned to her native Cathay.

Divilgaynon’s Name-giver form is portrayed by Kelly Hu.

Divilgaynon is from the Cara Fahd sourcebook for Earthdawn 1st Edition by Living Room Games.


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