Eleanor of Aquitane


Eleanor or Aquitane is a cousin of Queen Elbereth of Hithannon, one of the sovereign realms of Shosara. She was a guest at the Week of Heroes, there on Royal invitation from King Neden to attempt to bridge the gap between the two nations. Since Shosara separated from the Elven Court before the Scourge, the biggest challenge to diplomacy has been the extreme distance between Throal and Shosara. Captain K’tanga escorted Eleanor to and from Shosara for the event.

Eleanor is a Troubadour Adept, and performed several songs from her native Shosara, some of which had never been heard in Barsaive before, and accompanied her voice with a large ornate harp and small wrought silver bird which moved and flew of it’s own accord. Her music is haunting and beautiful, although somewhat sad, like the lady herself.

Eleanor is portrayed by Liv Tyler.

GM Commentary:

Eleanor was one of several characters I made up for the Week of Heroes, kind of a fun exercise for me in making new character concepts up. Her name and temperament are based on an actual historical figure.

Eleanor of Aquitane

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