Eron the Relentless

Human Beastmaster and Horror Stalker of Haven


Eron the Relentless was a brigand, murderer and criminal in the years immediately following the Scourge. His reputation was known across eastern Barsaive and he was feared by all who lived there for his savagery and his command of dangerous animals.

In time, he led an attack on a settlement by disguising himself as a beggar, and asking for shelter in Garlen’s name. When the village opened their gates to admit him, his raiders swept in and began to slaughter the inhabitants. One of them dropped to his knees in front of Eron and begged for mercy, echoing Eron’s request in Garlen’s name. With a smirk on his face, Eron slashed at his throat, but the blow did not land. Garlen herself appeared between them to shield the man, her eyes burning with rage at his terrible disrespect.

She cursed Eron then – he would know no rest, no comfort and no sustenance until he had saved ten times the number of lives he had taken. All who looked upon him would know him as a murderer and blackguard, and he would never be granted hospitality. She then swept up the remaining survivors and left Eron alone and friendless on the empty battleground.

Since that time, nearly a hundred years ago, Eron has not slept. Food turns to ashes in his mouth, and no amount of drink quenches his thirst. No matter where he rests, he can find no comfort or relaxation. Everyone who sees him treats him like the dire criminal he is, making his attempts to perform restitution for Garlen very difficult, because no one will trust him. He has waited to die, only to find that Garlen will not even grant him the peace of the grave, and he has lived far longer than most Humans do, trying to appease Garlen’s wrath. He never kept track of how many lives he took, so the number of lives he must save is known only to Garlen.

Eventually, he decided that the best way to attempt to help people without having to deal with them personally was to become a Horror Stalker, and try to kill as many Horrors as possible. He set up camp in Haven, and has spent several years venturing into the ruins to battle any Horrors he finds.

The Passion’s Champions have encountered Eron each time they visited the Forgotten City, although everyone but Phylinius found him unapproachable. For some reason, perhaps Phylinius’ status as Chosen of the Passions, he never found Eron as repellent as everyone else in the world did. When the Passion’s Champions encountered the Invae Spider Queen in the Eastern Catacombs, Eron found them in the tunnels and guided them out as the Invae pursued them.

Eron is portrayed by Kurt Russell.

Eron the Relentless is from the Homelands expansion for Magic: The Gathering.

Eron the Relentless

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