Ezra Gale

Elven Troubadour


Ezra Gale hails from the city of Travar, where he served a term on the City’s governing council. Rumor has it that he was forced to step down because of inappropriate actions of some kind, although exactly what, no one seems to know. He is very handsome and charming, yet never seems to have a lady on his arm.

During the Week of Heroes, Ezra performed an ancient Elven epic poem, and also a piece he created himself mourning the transformation of the Wyrm Wood and the loss of the Elven cultural center. He stopped just short of criticizing Queen Alachia openly, although some critics later pointed out that the whole performance was a criticism.

Ezra is portrayed by Kenneth Branagh.

GM Commentary:

Erza was one of several characters I made up for the Week of Heroes, kind of a fun exercise for me in making new character concepts up.

Ezra Gale

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