Ezri Lightstep

Elven Thief of Shosara


Ezri Lightstep was a Thief Adept from the Nation of Shosara. The Passion’s Champions first encountered him in a Shosaran village overrun with Invae. Ezri aided their escape from the village, but was later captured by the authorities.

Later, when the Passion’s Champions decided to try and find the lost tomb of Prince Redlif, they proposed to the Shosaran authorities that Ezri aid them as penance for his crimes. The authorities agreed, and Ezri helped them find and explore Redlif’s Tomb.

When the group reached the demiplane Redlif had created to house his undead form and relive his memories, Ezri was the one who figured out how to find him – as a loner, he knew that enough pain and suffering would cause one to draw into oneself, and by following that path in his own mind he discovered the location of Redlif within his confusing mental maze. After the group escaped the demiplane with the Tome of Banishment, Ezri vanished, having fulfilled the conditions of his parole, and perhaps learned to value other people more.

Ezri Lightstep

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