Grathus the Unyielding

Dwarven Horror Stalker & Leader of the Scythan Crusade


Grathus the Unyeilding was an unremarkable Dwarf Horror Stalker until the day he and his group returned from delving into the depths of Scytha laden down with all the orichalcum they could carry. They cashed in their tremendous wealth and used their new found fame and money to organize a “crusade” to take back the ancient kingdom of Scytha from the Horrors. They attracted dozens of Name-givers to their banner, some for the cause of freedom, some hoping to make money, and others simply looking to earn glory and recognition.

The Passion’s Champions met Grathus when they escorted a Dwarven scholar to the Crusade’s mountain camp. When the scholar was killed by Alaina Darkstrider, Grathus was heartbroken, and asked the PCs to find her and bring her back. They failed, but Grathus chose to carry on with his crusade.

As they were leaving, a clearly wealthy Dwarf Named Maxwell Silverhammer arrived in the camp with a small platoon of Dwarf Warriors to aid the Crusade. In time however, Maxwell Silverhammer usurped the Crusade from Grathus, casting him out into the freezing climes of the Scytha Mountains. The Passion’s Champions arrived too late to save him, and all they could do was bury his frozen body in the stony ground.

Grathus is from the Barsaive in Chaos sourcebook for Earthdawn 2nd Edition by Livingroom Games.

Grathus the Unyielding

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