Harish Bengali

Shifter Beastmaster of Indrisia


Harish Bengali is a Shifter, one of a legendary race of Name-givers able to change into animal form. He and his sister lived peacefully on the edge of the Indrisian forest until she was kidnapped by the Horror Ravana. Harish set out to find her, but was unable to penetrate the depths of the forest alone. Searching for help, he encountered the Passion’s Champions and asked for their aid.

Harish and his ability to shape-shift proved very useful in routing the Pathalan raiders in the jungle, and the PCs made their way deeper into the wood. Eventually, they found the Great Elf city where Ravana had imprisoned Harish’s sister, and they freed her without incident. Eternally grateful to the Passion’s Champions, Harish took his sister and returned to his home outside the forest.

Harish is portrayed by M. Night Shyamalan.

GM Commentary:

Harish’s existence is another side effect of the Great Elf city in the deep forest. Over the course of centuries, the animals and Name-givers blended together, becoming a type of creature that changed when the sun went down, but could also force a change at will.

Harish Bengali

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