The Horror Hash-aa-gik has existed for uncounted millennia. It is a philosophical Horror, pondering questions for centuries at a time, and often posing those questions to it’s victims. It has endless patience, and takes great pleasure in all the wide range of negative emotions it can cause it’s victims to feel.

Speaking Hash-aa-gik’s Name brings it great power, and it is not shy about telling Name-givers to do so. The more it’s Name is spoken by a victim, the more power it has over them, eventually allowing it to mark them with ease. Victims marked by Hash-aa-gik constantly repeat it’s Name, giving it yet more power. It has also demonstrated an ability to cloak itself from magical detection, making it very difficult to detect it’s influence.

Nazeer and Phylinius encountered Hash-aa-gik’s physical form in a well beneath the town of Hastoria. They battled it and narrowly defeated it, but in the end all they did was banish it to astral space where it began to spread it’s influence even further. It began to possess the remaining inhabitants of Hastoria, bringing them under it’s influence one at a time. Eventually, the possession was discovered by Ufgood Swarin, who attempted to stop the Horror by isolating the townspeople. The Horror then possessed a group of Ork Scorchers, using them to attack the town and try to free it’s victims. The Passion’s Champions intervened again, defeating the Scorchers but were unable to break Hash-aa-gik’s hold over it’s victims.

Eventually, Nazeer encountered a dwarf in the kingdom of Throal possessed by Hash-aa-gik, and pursued it into an orphanage. However, the clever Horror had laid a trap specifically for him, and goaded him into attacking while it spread the damage out across the innocent sleeping orphans it had already marked. Rather than continue giving Hash-aa-gik the opportunity to continue, Nazeer grabbed the possessed Dwarf and leapt head-first out the sixth floor window of the orphanage.

However, while this killed Nazeer, it failed to finish off the Horror. The remaining members of the Passion’s Champions soon arrived, but they were no match for Hash-aa-gik’s greatly increased power. Brimmel arrived last, and the Horror decided to toy with him before killing him. This turned out to be a fatal mistake, as Brimmel finally found the wherewithal to manifest his Lightbearer powers and reforge the Purifier with will alone. Brimmel struck the Horror a fatal blow, and it was banished back to astral space.

Several years later, Hash-aa-gik appeared again in the city of Urupa, where it taunted Nazeer and indicated that it knew who his son was. Nazeer discovered then that Hash-aa-gik could cloak itself and vanish from his perception, as the Horror disappeared into the crowds of the city’s marketplace. After the fall of the Great Isle of Thera, the Passion’s Champions encountered Hash-aa-gik again in Urupa, where it challenged them. When they met the Horror in the crowded marketplace, it quickly possessed every Name-giver in reach, spreading it’s influence through touch. As the Passion’s Champions tried to fight off the attacking townsfolk, more and more of them flooded into the square and Sigurd found himself overwhelmed and possessed by the Horror. Attacking his fellows, he laid out Nazeer and moved on to Brimmel, who finally managed to take him down but collapsed from the titanic effort. At last, Valaria used the Confront Horror talent on Hash-aa-gik, and successfully banished him from the material plane.

GM Commentary:

I wanted a long-term bad guy, one that could grow and advance as the characters do, and be a threat that would constantly hang over their heads. I created a mechanical in-game reason why it would be able to do so, and Hash-aa-gik was born. Gik was the first to raise the question in-game about the real differences between Name-givers and Horrors. As the game has progressed, other characters have examined this question as well, including Trostlos, Flametongue and Brimmel.

The name Hash-aa-gik is from the Legacy of Kain series. In LoK, it has the ability to possess others practically at will, just as my version does.


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