Hassan ibn-Sabbah

Human Illusionist and Assassin


Hassan Ibn-sabbah was an assassin and terrorist based in the city of Ikum in Marac. He was sufik loyalist, and believed that the al-hir city dwellers were not only corrupt and decadent, but were allied with the Theran Empire in trying to destroy the desert-dwelling sufik. He recruited a small army of like-minded zealots and set about causing chaos and death in Ikum.

When the Passion’s Champions visited Ikum, Captain Aziz recruited them to track down Hassan and bring the attacks to an end. He also told them that Hassan seemed to be getting extra funding lately, and it seemed to be coming from a foreign source. As they followed his trail throughout the city, they repeatedly encountered a type of magical trap Hassan was using that would summon Horrors when triggered. Trostlos learned to unravel the trap’s threads, but Hassan and his followers started putting them in hard to find places, making Trostlos’ efforts more difficult.

Eventually, they tracked Hassan to a mansion on the edge of town and prepared an assault. Upon reaching the highest tower, they found Hassan engaged in tense negotions with his mysterious benefactor: none other than Maxwell Silverhammer. The Passion’s Champions fought and defeated Hassan, but his final trap allowed Silverhammer to escape: upon his death, Hassan’s body exploded like a bomb, destroying the entire top floor of the mansion’s highest tower.

Hassan is portrayed by Jean Reno.

GM Commentary:

Hassan ibn-Sabbah is a historical figure, the head of the Hashshashin cults of ancient Persia.

Hassan ibn-Sabbah

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