Lord of the Banner of the Crow


Hayulaen is the leader of the Vasgothian nomad clan known as the Banner of the Crow. The Banner has resisted the Theran occupation in Vasgothia since the end of the Scourge, although for many years they had limited success, managing to stay just ahead of the Theran raids by benefit of their mobility.

When the Passion’s Champions journeyed to Vasgothia, they met Hayulaen and his people. When Valaria freed hundreds of slaves from the Theran farm of Prosperity Wells, the PCs brought them back to the Banner of the Crow, partly because they had nowhere else to take them, and partly because the Banner needed the extra support so many more hands could bring. When the Therans counterattacked and attempted to recover their stolen “property”, the Banner rallied around their new brothers and sisters and with the aid of the Passion’s Champions and Sulluvia’s Great Elves, fought back the Theran forces. After the PCs left, Hayulean and his people continued to battle the Therans in Vasgothia with Sulluvia’s aid, and had increasing success in disrupting operations there. After the fall of the Great Isle, Hayulaen united the various tribes in a huge offensive against the surviving Theran cities and overwhelmed them, capturing a majority of the military outposts and even a fleet of kilas. When Caelistis arrived with news that The Passion’s Champions were engaging the remaining Therans in Barsaive, Hayulaen quickly mobilized his troops and flew to Barsaive to engage his old enemy. After the battle he met with Sigurd, who was once of his clan, and then returned to Vasgothia to lead his people.

Hayulaen is portrayed by Bernard Hill.

Hayulaen is from the Theran Empire sourcebook for Earthdawn 1st Edition by FASA Games.


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