Troll Outcast Warrior and Avatar of Raggok


Imrahan is a Troll Outcast from the Stoneclaw trollmoot in the Crystal Peaks of Barsaive. Banished from his clans, he was forced to live with the other outcasts on the Death’s Sea side of the mountains, scratching out an existence on bare rock. This miserable experience and his own rotten nature fueled his hate for his kin, and attracted the attention of the Mad Passion Raggok. Raggok granted him power and sent him back to the Stoneclaw clan to challenge the leadership of Kerthale. Ultimately, Kerthale defeated Imrahan’s champion and cast them out of the moot again. Imrahan retreated to the far side of the mountains to plan his revenge.

Years later, during the Iopan War, Imrahan and his fellow Questors had been granted a gift by Raggok – the ability to grow to tremendous size, letting their rage grant them terrible power. They lay siege to the troolmoots, killing hundreds of the Sky Raiders before the Passion’s Champions arrived and lent their aid to Kerthale and his people. In a final apocalyptic battle, Imrahan was defeated once and for all, and Sigurd plunged his sword into the Troll’s heart.

Imrahan is from the Crystal Raiders sourcebook for Earthdawn 1st Edition by FASA Games.


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