J’role the Honorable Thief

Human Thief and Spymaster of Throal


J’Role the Honorable Thief was already a legend in Barsaive before the Passion’s Champions left Samsara. Having retired from actively pursuing his Discipline, he was asked by King Varulus III to take the position of Spymaster for the Kingdom of Throal. J’Role agreed, but has maintained a very low profile in the Kingdom ever since. Very few outside the King’s immediate circle know that the kindly old Human who lives in the city of Yistane is actually the Head of the Eye of Throal, and J’Role likes it like that.

J’Role has supported the Passion’s Champions in their efforts to battle the forces of Thera, Iopos, and others. He took a chance on trusting them after their return to Barsaive, despite their bad reputation at the time. This trust proved founded when the PCs defeated their other selves, and ultimately the Iopan forces as well. After the Iopan War, J’Role has continued in his role as the dwarf kingdom’s spymaster.

J’Role is portrayed by Lance Henriksen.

J’Role is from the Earthdawn 1st Edition main book by FASA games.

J’role the Honorable Thief

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