Joeth Drawne

Elven Horror Stalker


Joeth Drawne was a Horror Stalker and leader of the adventuring group The Flame of Purity. Like many Horror Stalkers, Joeth was fanatic about the destruction of Horrors and rooting out their corruption.

When Torgak allowed the emissary from The Undead Kingdom into Haven, Joeth decided that Torgak was marked and had to die. Torgak’s assisstant Dishara Eyes-of-Straw hired the Passion’s Champions to protect him, despite his assurances he needed no bodyguards. He turned out to be wrong, and the Passion’s Champions ended up battling the Flame of Purity in the streets of Parlainth, ultimately defeating them and slaying Joeth.

Joeth Drawne is from the Barsaive in Chaos sourcebook for Earthdawn 2nd Edition by Livingroom Games.

Joeth Drawne

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