Kerthale Farseer Stoneclaw

Troll Sky Raider & Chief of the Stoneclaw Moot


Kerthale Farseer Stoneclaw is Chief of the Stoneclaw Trollmoot, in the Crystal Peaks of Barsaive. He is somewhat progressive for a Crystal Raider, and sees the value in communicating with the other cultures of Barsaive, as well as raiding them. He has a strange fondness for Dwarven clothes, although the cut of them never quite sets right on him.

The Passion’s Champions first met Kerthale when a Throalic merchant hired them to escort him to the Crystal Peaks to meet with him. While there, Kerthale’s leadership was challenged by Imrahan and his champion. Gartan, the clan’s chief Questor of Thystonius, initially was not willing to help Kerthale, but the Passion’s Champions managed to convince him to lend his aid in the battle for succession. When Kerthale finally stood victorious, the Bloodlore clan attacked from the skies, and Imrahan managed to escape Kerthale’s wrath.

Years later, when Imrahan’s giants were attacking the clans, the PCs again encountered Kerthale and fought alongside him to defeat the children of Raggok. Kerthale then gathered a great moot of all the Crystal Raider clans, attempting to unite them against their common foe. Later, Kerthale and his Crystal Raiders lent their aid to the united Barsavian forces during the Battle of Iopos.

Kerthale is portrayed by Andre the Giant.

Kerthale Farseer Stoneclaw

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