King Neden of Throal

Dwarf Warrior & Questor of Thystonius


King Neden of Throal came into power when his father was assassinated by the Denairastas of Iopos, in an attempt to spur him into attacking the Theran Behemoth parked at Lake Ban. Neden began the first of many hard learning experiences that day, which have led to him becoming a wiser and more patient ruler in time.

The Passion’s Champions first met King Neden after the Battle of Sky Mountain, where Phylinius performed The Burden of the Crown for him. As their legend and influence grew, Neden became more and more aware of them and their exploits, although direct contact was still rare. During the years following the Second Battle of Sky Point, Neden was marked by a Horror, one that took special pleasure in marking those with tremendous burdens upon them. Every night he suffered terrible nightmares and woke early feeling as though he had gotten no rest. As the effect of sleep deprivation and the Horror’s influence grew worse, his control of the kingdom wained and the people’s faith in him grew dim. Finally, he called upon his advisers to bring him relief, and eventually the Horror was discovered and driven away. However, by this time several malcontent elements had taken root in Throal, and aided by agents of the Mad Passions, they staged the Huari uprising, killing thousands and throwing the dwarf kingdom into chaos. Neden appeared in the Royal Auditorium during the fighting, and confessed what had been plaguing him all this time. In front of everyone, Trostlos tested him for Horror-taint and found that he was free of it, restoring faith in his rule. Neden banished the architects of the uprising from Throal, and set about rebuilding his kingdom.

During the Iopan War, Neden was kidnapped and mentally broken by Flametongue who intended to sell him and Krathis Gron into slavery in Vivane Province, thus undermining the two most unifying kingdoms in Barsaive. Neden was rescued and restored to sanity by the Passion’s Champions, and he traveled with them incognito for a short time while they escorted him back across Barsaive to Throal.

At the end of the Iopan War, Neden extended the title of Baron to all the Passion’s Champions, although only Sigurd and Brimmel took him up on the offer. Neden has adopted Brimmel as a close confidant since the end of the war, even asking him to help find a suitable wife so that Throal’s people could take comfort in knowing their king had an heir. Unfortunately, the invasion of the remnants of the Theran Empire took precedence, and he has been unable to spend time on any matter other than that of war, and ultimately Throal’s recovery from the war.

Neden is a Warrior Adept and a Questor of Thystonius, a stark change from his father who was a Questor of Upandal. Though he is a warrior king at heart, Throal is not a warlike nation, and Neden sometimes has a difficult time adjusting to the role of diplomat.

King Neden is portrayed by Rip Torn.

Neden is from the Earthdawn 1st Edition main book by FASA games.

King Neden of Throal

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