Korban Highcliff

Human Illusionist of Kratas


Korban is a resident of the city of Kratas where he is renowned as a powerful magician, though some doubt this claim. He also has a reputation as a tremendous liar, and has told enough falsehoods that no one can really be sure about anything he says. Some of his stories have been completely disproved by eye witnesses, others are constantly in dispute, and still others have been retracted by Korban himself as being lies, only to be found to be true afterward. He delights in creating confusion and uncertainty, especially regarding his own questionable reputation. He is also an excellent gambler, although few will play with him any more.

He participated in the liberation of the slaves from the Isle of Thera led by the Passion’s Champions. Given his facility with magic and his general resourcefulness, he is believed to have survived the cataclysm.

Korban is portrayed by Ben Stiller.

GM Commentary:

Korban was one of several characters I made up for the Week of Heroes, kind of a fun exercise for me in making new character concepts up. He’s another one that’s kind of taken on a life of his own, finding ways he might be included in a story every now and then, in part because he was so memorable to the players for being a background character.

Korban Highcliff

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