Kos Steelgaze

Human Air Sailor of Jerris


Kos Steelgaze is the Marshal of the Falcons, the Air Defense Force of the City of Jerris. When the Iopans occupied Jerris, they declared that the Falcons who had fought in the Second Theran War were spies of Throal and barred them from returning to the city. Kos took this as an opportunity to set up the Resistance’s base outside the city’s bounds, deep in the Wastes. The Passion’s Champions first met him when he was in Throal, recruiting Adepts to aid the resistance. He asked them to journey to Jerris and aid them against Gellad Denairastas and the Iopan invaders.

Kos is portrayed by Sean Bean.

Kos Steelgaze is from the Barsaive in Chaos sourcebook for Earthdawn 2nd Edition by Livingroom Games.

Kos Steelgaze

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