Krathis Gron

High Chief of Cara Fahd


Krathis Gron was born a slave in a Theran slave camp, and lived for years in this terrible state. Eventually, she broke free and journeyed across the land, learning more and more about her people and their lost culture. In time, she was confronted by the Passions and tasked with rebuilding the Ork Nation of Cara Fahd. She journeyed to Cathay and around the world, gathering the resources she would need to retake her ancestral homeland. During the Second Theran War, she united the various Ork tribes under one banner and drove the Theran and Throalic forces from her borders, reestablishing Cara Fahd.

The Passion’s Champions first encountered Krathis when they journeyed to Cara Fahd and uncovered several ancient ruins and artifacts of the lost Ork nation. During their adventures they met with her more than once, and in time she gave them the title of Egrandu, meaning “protector”.

During the Iopan War, Flametongue kidnapped Krathis and King Neden, breaking their minds and preparing to sell them into slavery. They were both rescued by the Passion’s Champions, and Krathis returned to Cara Fahd to find it in chaos following her mysterious absence. She was able to regain enough control, however, to send her Elite Cavalry to aid Throal during the Battle of Bartertown.

Krathis Gron is from the Cara Fahd sourcebook for Earthdawn 1st Edition by FASA Games.

Krathis Gron

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