Theran Elf Horror Stalker


Lathan was a member of Grathus the Unyeilding’s adventuring group, and later the Horror Stalker crusade. He was proud and open about his Theran heritage, a fact that initially irked Nazeer and Phylinius. However, as they got to know him better, they came to respect him despite his politics.

Lathan was also Alaina’s lover, and she played off his loyalties when he discovered that she was stealing relics and selling them to Theran spies. However, when she killed the Dwarf scholar that had traveled from Throal to aid the Crusade, he felt responsible for her betrayal since he had remained silent about it. He decided the only way to recover his honor was to journey into Scytha alone, and try to kill as many Horrors as possible before he was taken down. Phylinius and Nazeer tried desperately to stop him, but in the end he would not be swayed, and walked into the Horror-infested depths alone.

Lathan is from the Barsaive in Chaos sourcebook for Earthdawn 2nd Edition by Livingroom Games.


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