Drake of Icewing


Lathann is a Drake of the Great Dragon Icewing. The Passion’s Champions first met him in Kratas, where he had escaped from the Nethermancer Tyrlaan, a worshipper of the Horror Verjigorm. Lathann had lost his memories and much of his power, and he asked the Passion’s Champions to follow the few clues he had to help him recover some sense of who he was. Following the clues, they discovered the temple to Verjigorm and Tyrlaan’s twisted experiments on Lathann’s fellow Drakes. They defeated the Nethermancer and his minions, and escorted Lathann and his fellows back to Icewing, who rewarded them greatly for their heroics.

When the PCs escaped from the Iopan dungeons, Lathann was part of the team of Drakes that re-infiltrated the city to recover what they could of their magic items. After the war, when the PCs went looking for Charcoalgrin, Lathann found them first and explained that the dragon was now in seclusion from the rest of the world.

Lathann is portrayed by Jeff Goldblum.

Lathann is from the Shattered Pattern adventure for Earthdawn 1st Edition by FASA Games.


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