Magra Warrior and Horror Stalker


Magnus was a famous Warrior from the Great Isle during the time of the Scourge. He and his brethren had been “crafted” by the mages of Thera using blood magic to give them extraordinary strength and recuperative powers. He became well known as a defender of Thera, but after the Scourge ended he disappeared.

The Passion’s Champions encountered Magnus in the mountains west of Vivane Province. Clad in full plate armor, he was found barely limping back to the small village they were resting in, having suffered terrible wounds in battle with the Horror Emr’Rko. The next day, however, his wounds had vanished completely, and he asked the Passion’s Champions to aid him in battle against the Horror. Together they defeated it, and Magnus agreed to teach Brimmel the Horror Stalker Discipline.

When they explored Kaer Leion, Magnus met his end battling the gigantic ooze-like creature that had consumed the previous inhabitants. His strange powers of the blood allowed the ooze to briefly animate his form and attack the Passion’s Champions, but he regained control and drove the creature back into the depths of the kaer while the PCs made their escape.

Magnus is portrayed by Dominic Purcell.

GM Commentary:

Magnus was my first hint that the Therans were experimenting with creating new forms of life. He was intended to be the origin of the vampire legends, perhaps returning as a more typical example of a vampire, an animated corpse with a great deal of Horror taint. He passed his “curse” on to Brimmel, but Brim doesn’t seem to be bothered by it, mostly because Brim is practically immune to Horror corruption anyway.


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