Malothales the Damned

Master of the White Kingdom


Malothales the Damned was a worshiper of the Horror Yrsgrathe, who normally takes no interest in it’s Name-giver worshipers. However, when Flametongue died at the hands of Trostlos, Yrsgrathe was not willing to abandon the White Kingdom to ruin, and decided to take on it’s most loyal follower to carry on it’s legacy.

Malothales has been reanimated as an undead, and given tremendous magical powers by Yrsgrathe. He loyally pursues his masters primary goal: the spread of the White Kingdom.

When the White Kingdom overwhelmed the Ork forces defending the citadel of Wurchauz in Cara Fahd, the Passion’s Champions fought their way into the citadel and confronted Malothales, finally destroying him and driving Yrsgrathe to the city-plane of Union, bringing an end to the threat of the White Kingdom.

Malothales is portrayed by Geoffrey Rush.

GM Commentary:

Malothles was brought in when I decided to remove Flametongue but I wanted to keep The White Kingdom going. His name is stolen from GURPS Fantasy.

Malothales the Damned

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