Mara Corovan

Great Human Illusionist of Iopos


Mara Corovan was a distant cousin of the Denairastas family, not close enough in blood to qualify for Denairastas’ attention, but still loyal to Iopos nonetheless. She was sent to Jerris to assist Gellad Denairastas in his occupation of the city. After his assassination by the resistance members, she took his place and began a program of draconian police rule of the city.

She was successful enough to earn the trust of Denairastas, especially after one of her agents managed to track down the Adepts that had aided the rebellion – The Passion’s Champions. Denairastas allowed her to continue in her position with no replacement, as long as she continued to be successful. She worked very hard to keep from disappointing him.

When the Passion’s Champions returned to Iopos to assassinate her, she had word of their coming from her loyal agent and was prepared for it. Casting a spell given to her by Denairastas, she modified the memories of the PCs and sent them back to the resistance hideout to assassinate their leaders instead. It very nearly would have succeeded but for the intervention of Charcoalgrin, who dispelled the spell and sent them storming back to Jerris, eager for Mara’s blood. They battled her and her bodyguard in the mansion she had occupied and slew her, driving the Iopan occupiers from the city. Several months later, they were finally betrayed by Kai and handed over to a mysteriously healthy Mara in the woods south of Iopos to be drug back to Iopos in chains.

Many years later, during the Iopan War, they encountered her again in Jerris, this time trying to escape from the Reavers overwhelming the city. Unwilling to let her survive again, they pursued her airship into the clouds and battled her and her loyal agents. Finally, all her tricks undone, all illusions stripped away, Mara fell to Valaria’s arrows and died permanently.

Mara Corovan is portrayed by Mimi Rogers.

Mara Corovan is from the Barsaive in Chaos sourcebook for Earthdawn 2nd Edition by Livingroom Games.

Mara Corovan

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