Master Yao Chengguang

Dwarven Zhan-shi


Master Yao Chengguang is a Dwarven Zhan-shi from the distant land of Cathay. She traveled to Throal to spread the Discipline of the Zhan-shi to the western lands, and has settled in the Dwarf Kingdom to open her school – Yen-Wu De, the School of Martial Virtue.

Master Yao freely teaches martial arts skills to anyone who wishes to learn them, but she only teaches the Zhan-shi Discipline to a select few students. She is very picky about who she teaches these secret arts to, insisting that the students follow a strict moral and ethical code, and that their behavior outside the school be exemplary. Her star pupil at the moment is the Obsidiman Eisen.

Master Yao is portrayed by Michelle Yeoh.

Master Yao Chengguang

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