Maxwell Silverhammer

Drake of Denairastas


Maxwell Silverhammer is a drake of the Great Dragon Denairastas, who normally travels in the shape of a Dwarf. His Name-giver form has silver hair and beard and piercing blue eyes, while his draconic form is heavily muscled and built for power.

The Passion’s Champions first encountered Silverhammer when he lead a platoon of Dwarves up to the Horror Stalker Crusade in Scytha, promising to lend his aid and support Grathus in clearing the ancient ruins. However, his true purpose came out a few months later, when he engineered a coup that saw Grathus banished from the Crusade. He then began to push the Crusaders even harder, looking to delve deeper and deeper into the ruins, often with no regard for the safety of the delvers. The Passion’s Champions returned to the Crusade too late to save Grathus, but they confronted Silverhammer and demanded to know why he really banished Grathus. In response, Silverhammer shifted to draconic form, grabbed a handful of artifacts from the main tent and melted the rest into slag with his fiery breath, taking off into the sky towards Iopos.

They did not encounter him again until Marac, where he was found to be supporting the terrorist cells of Hassan ibn-Sabbah in exchange for their magical knowledge. The PCs again attacked him, but he was able to escape when Hassan’s final spell blew the top floor off the tower they were in. The PCs tracked him down to the ancient ruins of Al-Amut, where Silverhammer attempted to sway them to Denairastas’ cause. He was unsuccessful, they battled him to the death. Brimmel later made Nazeer a pair of Drake-skin bracers from his tough hide.

GM Commentary:

I wanted to make it clear to the PCs that their enemy was a dragon, and sending a Drake was the easiest method. The information on Drakes was not in the main books, so the reality of what he was was unclear for a while, at least until they ran through the Shattered Pattern adventure. Later on, it was unclear whose Drake he was, and he was not about to give any answers. I figured the guys would eventually figure it out, they figure out a lot, but they never did and I had to just out right tell them eventually.

Maxwell Silverhammer

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