Navarre Castille

Ork Swordmaster


Navarre is constantly journeying through Barsaive, looking for greater challenges. He is not truly interested in adventuring, but more in simply pitting himself against every opponent he can, partly to constantly improve himself and partly because he loves it. He is not known for heroics, but is regarded as a hero and is very, very popular with the Tournament crowd.

Navarre is secretly an agent of the Eye of Throal, and joined the Iopan forces as a mercenary during the Iopan War in order to send intelligence back to Throal. After the war, he resumed his quiet role wandering Barsaive, sending back what info he could to The Eye. After the war, he faced Sigurd in a exhibition match during the second Week of Heroes, and only barely lost to him.

GM Commentary:

Navarre was one of several characters I made up for the Week of Heroes, kind of a fun exercise for me in making new character concepts up. His name comes from Rutger Hauer’s character in Ladyhawke, one of my favorite films. He has continued to show up in the background because I liked him, and I may use him more in the future.

Navarre Castille

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