Prince Redlif

Lich of Shosara


Prince Redlif was once a noble of the Elven Nation of Shosara, and regarded as one of the greatest magical minds of his time. He created many previously-unseen spells and magic items, and pioneered the the study and exploration of magic in the centuries before the Scourge.

His personal life was much less successful, however. He spent many long years alone, surrounded only by his studies and his experiments, seeing no one but his students and contemporaries. He rarely ventured out into society, always finding the excuse that there was more to learn, more to study, more to discover. Finally, his few friends managed to convince him to leave his laboratories and attend a formal dance at the Queen’s Palace. It was there that Redlif’s fate would change.

At the ball, he met and became enchanted with a Warrior Named Larkspur. She was the most beautiful Elf he had ever met, and he quickly fell for her grace and charm. Larkspur was flattered by the mage’s attentions, and the two eventually became lovers. Redlif turned his studies in a new direction, determined to use his arcane knowledge to protect and aid his love.

However, despite all the protections Redlif could give her, Larkspur fell in battle. Overcome with grief, Redlif retreated into bitterness and anger, locking himself away from the world again and retreating into madness. He began to craft a tomb to seal himself into, an oubliette to hold himself and his life’s work, and to keep out any who might disturb him again. He crafted his greatest magics into it, fashioning wonder never seen before or since and manufacturing lethal traps of terrible cunning. Somewhere along the line, his body died, but his madness and rage against the world kept him going, driving him to continue his masterwork. Finally, his tomb was done, and he retreated into his personal netherrealm, there to relive his painful memories of loss for eternity.

Centuries later, The Passion’s Champions set out in search of a singular book written by Redlif, The Tome of Banishment. Entering into Redlif’s Tomb, they faced and overcame each terrible trap, construct and illusion, finally making their way to the inner sanctum and into Redlif’s Oubliette itself. At first confused by the shifting images of Redlif’s memories, they finally found their way to the heart of the realm with the aid of Ezri Lightstep, and met Redlif himself. Redlif could care less about the fate of the outside world, and was unwilling to help them at first. However, with some convincing from Trostlos, Redlif finally relented and gave him the Tome, banishing them from his Tomb back to the world outside.

GM Commentary:

Prince Redlif was actually from an Earthdawn Journal article by David Caralay. The original story was significantly different from my own, mostly because this version was a mix of Redlif and the Lich Acererak from The Tomb of Horrors for D&D. I wanted to run the Tomb of Horrors in Earthdawn, and Redlif seemed like a good direction to go.

Prince Redlif

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