Elven Merchant and Head of the Circle Path Company


Remiel is the head of the Circle Path Company, an old established trading house based out of Throal. His older sister Yuriel inherited the position after the death of their parents, but Yuriel wanted to be an adventuring Adept and had no head for managing the house. Remiel, on the other hand, had a strong head for accounting and economics, but had been passed over through order of birth.

When Yuriel and her adventuring group disappeared in the ruins of Parlainth, Remiel commissioned the Passion’s Champions to find her and rescue her. The PCs braved the ruins and the Questors of Vestrial who captured her and reunited brother and sister. After her close shave, Yuriel realized that her brother was a far more capable administrator and that she would rather be free of the burden of her title. She transferred management of The Circle Path Company to Remiel, and resumed adventuring until retiring to raise her son Adam.

Remiel is still very grateful to Nazeer and the Passion’s Champions for rescuing Yuriel from certain death. When Nazeer died battling the Horror Hash-aa-gik, Remiel footed the bill for his funeral rites, wishing to grant him a heroes remembrance. He was rather miffed, then, when Nazeer returned from the dead a few weeks later. He accepted the initial explanation he was given with some resentment, although in time he has learned the truth of Nazeer’s lineage and has forgiven the incident entirely.

Being gay, Remiel is not likely to father a child of his own. According to Elven tradition, he and his partner would simply adopt an Elven child from another family to be his heir to the trading house. However, Remiel has chosen to adopt his nephew Adam instead, and has been devoting as much time as he can spare from his duties to educate Adam and prepare him to inherit his position in 70-80 years.

Remiel is portrayed by Hugo Weaving.

Remiel is from the Path of Deception adventure put out for EarthDawn 2nd Edition by Living Room Games, although I modified him for my purposes.


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