Drake of Mountainshadow


Rosper is a relatively young Drake, and as such has some difficulty relating to normal Name-givers. He is quite powerful, as most Drakes are, but lacks the social skills and graces most Name-givers take for granted, often coming off as a simpleton or buffoon.

The Passion’s Champions first met Rosper when they returned to the Horror Stalker Crusade in Scytha to rescue Grathus the Unyielding. Rosper informed them of the situation in the camp, and where they might find Silverhammer.

Later, they encountered Rosper again in the Seraph Jungle while searching for a lost trove of draconic knowledge left behind by the Great Dragon Vasdenjas. Once they acquired it, Rosper aided them in dispatching the Iopan assassins sent to steal it, and then offered to take it off their hands himself. The PCs refused, but the curse laid on the chest by Vasdenjas made it impossible for them to escape the jungle with it, and when they succumbed to its effects Rosper drug them to the nearest village, and left with the chest.

They encountered him again during the Iopan War in the city of Travar, where he fought alongside the resistance to repel the Iopan forces, managing to keep the peace around the city center singlehandedly. He later extended an invitation to them to come to the home of his master, the Great Dragon Mountainshadow.

Rosper is portrayed by Ryan Reynolds.

Rosper is from the Dragons sourcebook for Earthdawn 1st Edition by FASA Games.


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