Great Elf of Vasgothia


Deep in the woods of Vasgothia, there is an ancient statue. Legends say that Horrors do not dare to approach it, and those that do vanish from this world. The statue is known as The Woman Of Power, and it is Named for the Great Elf Queen that lives there.

Sulluvia occupies this place of power in the Deep Forest. She lives surrounded by other Elven and Human women, as well as powerful plant and elemental spirits. She harbors a deep resentment of the Great Elves of Thera, and for males of any race. When the Passion’s Champions decided to venture into the Deep Forest to see if they could find more allies for the Banner of the Crow, and what they found was Sulluvia and her wild-women. Sulluvia had little to say to them, but she was at least willing to listen to Valaria, who asked her to aid the forces resisting the Theran incursion. Sulluvia mocked Valaria’s faith, and challenged her to prove her beliefs in combat. She then teleported the entire group to a Theran slave farm, dropping them in the midst of a group of slaves and their guards. While the Passion’s Champions defended her from the guards, Valaria used her Questor powers to shatter the slave’s chains and led them to freedom. This tremendous act impressed Sullvia so much that she agreed to lend her aid to the Banner of the Crow, and she also gave Valaria one of the Fruits of the Passions, granting Valaria magical control over the winds. Despite her misandry, she also shared some knowledge and a fraction of her power with Nazeer, teaching him how Great Elves can share their gifts among each other.

She continued to aid the Banner of the Crow in their struggles against Thera in Vasgothia until after the cataclysm that destroyed the Great Isle, when word came that the Theran remnants were massing in Barsaive and attempting to recreate the Empire. She then joined Hayulaen and journeyed to Barsaive, lending her aid and that of her elite archers to the Battle of Throal. After the battle, Sulluvia found that her ire against Thera had finally cooled, and she took the surviving Great Elves back to Vasgothia with her, to teach them new ways of living.

Sulluvia is portrayed by Nicole Kidman.

GM Commentary:

Sulluvia is a model on the legend of Rhea Silvia, who was a Roman forest goddess as well as mother to Romulus and Remus. She was terribly mistreated by men, and thus I made this character embittered and angry to towards them, as well as making her mistress of the Deep Forest.


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