Sultan Irk-al-Irk

Sultan of Ikum


Sultan Irk-al-Irk is the Sultan of the city of Ikum in Marac. Known as the Blue City of Wizards, Ikum is renowned as a center of learning and culture in a nation that highly values these traits. The Sultan himself is a master of rhetoric, and is highly skilled at drawing out the true intentions of those around him, while hiding his own. He often presents the facade of a bumbling, spoiled noble to misdirect those who would manipulate him.

After the Passion’s Champions defeated Hassan Ibn-Sabbah and his terrorist sect, Captain Aziz bin-Alai escorted them to an audience with the Sultan. He warned them to be on their best behavior with him, as his word was life and death in Ikum. There, they found the Sultan working on a very large and quite horrible painting. He asked them for their opinions of his work, insisting that they be honest. Everyone else tried their best to be diplomatic about the Sultan’s terrible artwork, but Valaria openly informed the Sultan that his work was garbage. When pressed for detail, she freely explained why it was so bad, while the other PCs stood stunned by her lack of decorum.

The Sultan, however, was impressed with her candidness. Ordering the painting destroyed, he dropped his bumbling facade and spoke openly with the Passion’s Champions, thanking them for their acts in defense of the city and presenting them with gifts. Upon learning that they planned to venture into the desert, he asked Captain Aziz to aid them with whatever knowledge he had, and sent them on their way.

Sultan Irk-al-Irk is portrayed by Omad Djalili.

Sultan Irk-al-Irk is from the Theran Empire sourcebook for Earthdawn 1st Edition by FASA Games.

Sultan Irk-al-Irk

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