Human Nethermancer


Tannith is a powerful Human Nethermancer who has resided in the Kingdom of Throal since before the Scourge. During the years of the Scourge, she used her knowledge and her magic to keep the kingdom safe, and over the years has earned the trust of more than one king of Throal, including King Neden. Though she must be several hundred years old, she appears to be no more than forty or fifty, a feat which has some residents mystified. For the most part she keeps to herself in her mansion in the city of Yistane in Throal, though she is often present when the kingdom is in danger.

Though Tannith rarely takes students and almost never entertains guests, she agreed to aid Nazeer when he was marked by the Horror King, using her magic to erase the Horror Mark. In exchange for this service, she instructed Buulgath to bring her a mysterious artifact from Parlainth, though it’s not known if he ever succeeded in that quest.

Tannith has aided the Passion’s Champions on more than one occasion, gradually coming to trust them and their motivations. She is extremely knowledgeable regarding the Netherrealms, and gave Trostlos a tour of the city-plane of Union, advising him of it’s wonders and dangers. She has also taught him a few high-Circle Nethermancer spells, which he has made good use of. She also aided the Passion’s Champions when they freed thousands of slaves from the Great Isle of Thera before the cataclysm that destroyed it.

Tannith is also one of the few Name-givers that seems to have the trust of The Crimson Face. Nazeer is certain that Tannith is The Crimson Face, despite having seen the two of them talking face to face in the past.

Tannith is portrayed by Judi Dench.


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